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360 Feedback Questions: What to Ask & Feedback Template


Nowadays, in today's fast-paced business world, understanding and leveraging individual and collective talent has become more crucial than ever. In this scenario, Pro Evaluation System stands as an invaluable ally with its innovative 360 survey product, designed to provide comprehensive and scientifically validated assessments.

Evaluation System, The Essence of PES

360 Feedback Questions: What to Ask & Feedback Template

Pro Evaluation System goes beyond traditional evaluations by offering a holistic view of each individual within an organization. Its approach is based on five key dimensions: Strategic, Self-Management, Self-Governance, Self-Development and Interpersonal. These dimensions not only identify strengths and weaknesses, but also reveal opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The design of the questions in 360 assessments is a strategic process that seeks to obtain a complete and balanced view of an individual's performance from multiple perspectives. These questions are designed to gather valuable information on a variety of key competencies and dimensions. Here are some common principles and characteristics in the design of these questions:

  1. Multidimensional Approach: Questions address various dimensions and competencies to provide a comprehensive assessment of the individual.
  2. Self-Assessment and External Evaluation: Include questions that allow the individual to evaluate him/herself, as well as questions that collect the evaluation of colleagues, supervisors and other team members.
  3. Objectivity and Specificity: Questions are worded objectively and specifically, avoiding ambiguity to ensure clear and useful answers.
  4. Graduated Scale: They use graduated scales (e.g., 1 to 5) to allow for quantitative assessment. This facilitates comparison and data analysis.
    360 Feedback Questions: What to Ask & Feedback Template
  5. Behavioral Orientation: They focus on observable and measurable behaviors rather than abstract personal characteristics, which facilitates the application of results in professional development.
  6. Constructive Feedback: They include questions that encourage constructive feedback, encouraging evaluators to provide detailed comments on strengths and areas for improvement.
  7. Adaptability to Organizational Culture: Adapt to the specific culture of the organization, ensuring that the competencies and dimensions assessed are aligned with the company's values and objectives.
    360 Feedback Questions: What to Ask & Feedback Template
  8. Benchmarking: They include questions that allow comparing the self-assessment with the external assessment, identifying possible discrepancies for more effective growth.
  9. 360 Degree Evaluation: They gather information from various sources, such as supervisors, colleagues, subordinates and, in some cases, even customers, to obtain a comprehensive perspective.
  10. Inclusion of Developmental Questions: In addition to assessing current performance, questions can be included to guide future development, identifying specific areas for growth and training.
  11. Adaptability to Specific Objectives: These can be customized to address specific organizational objectives, such as leadership, innovation, problem solving, among others.
  12. Pilot Testing and Feedback: Prior to full implementation, questions typically go through pilot testing and review based on feedback to ensure their effectiveness and relevance.
    360 Feedback Questions: What to Ask & Feedback Template
  13. Scientific Validation: In some cases, questions are scientifically validated to ensure the reliability and validity of the results.

Careful design of questions in 360 assessments is essential to ensure that the feedback collected is accurate, relevant and usable for individual and organizational development.

Scientific Validation for Accurate Results

360 Feedback Questions: What to Ask & Feedback Template

What sets a Pro Evaluation System apart is its rigorous scientific backing. Each evaluation is based on validated methodologies that guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the results. This scientific approach ensures that the conclusions drawn are sound and reliable, providing a solid basis for the reports generated on our platform.

Detailed Reports: A Deep Dive into Personal and Organizational Development

Pro Evaluation System stands out not only for its 360 surveys, but also for its comprehensive reports that provide a complete and detailed view of the evaluations. These reports not only present results, but offer valuable tools for growth and continuous improvement.

Dimensions and Competencies: The Basis of Analysis

The questionnaire addresses five key dimensions: Strategic, Self-Management, Self-Governance, Self-Development and Interpersonal. Each dimension is composed of four competencies, for a total of 20 competencies assessed. These dimensions act as fundamental pillars for a thorough understanding of the personal and professional dynamics of each individual.

Self-Assessment and External Evaluation: Revealing Comparison

The report provides a comparative view between the individual's self-assessment and the assessment made by others, highlighting discrepancies and similarities that allow them to understand how they stand in relation to global means, facilitating the identification of strengths and areas for improvement.

Gap Analysis between Feedback and Self-Image: An Opportunity for Growth

A unique aspect of our reports is the revelation of the gap between the individual's perception of his or her abilities and the feedback from evaluators. This dissonance provides valuable insight for personal and professional growth.

Personal Development Guidance: Roadmap to Success

We don't just identify areas for improvement; we offer concrete guidance for personal development. Our reports provide practical and specific suggestions for closing gaps and improving key skills.

Motivational Profile: Discover your Personal Drivers

The motivational profile is a joy in our reports. It reveals the driving forces behind actions and decisions, providing a deep understanding of what motivates an individual. This information is invaluable for customizing development strategies and increasing effectiveness.

Impact and Climate: Assessing the Work Environment

Beyond individual skills, we assess the individual's impact on the work environment and organizational climate. This analysis provides valuable information for organizations, enabling them to adjust policies and practices for sustainable development and harmony within the company.

A Deep Look at the Organizational Environment

360 Feedback Questions: What to Ask & Feedback Template

For companies, Pro Evaluation System's 360 assessments are not only an individual assessment tool, but also a window into the organizational culture and leadership styles in a specific area of the company. This unique perspective allows organizations to better understand their environment and make informed decisions about development and training.

Starting Point for Continuous Improvement

360 Feedback Questions: What to Ask & Feedback Template

Evaluations not only identify areas for improvement, but also serve as a strategic starting point. Pro Evaluation System not only pinpoints areas for improvement, but also provides specific, customized recommendations. This translates into individual and group training plans that drive continuous improvement.

Avoiding Bias and Promoting Objectivity

360 Feedback Questions: What to Ask & Feedback Template

Pro Evaluation System recognizes the importance of objectivity in evaluations. To ensure fairness, the system uses scientifically proven criteria and avoids biases common in other forms of evaluation. This ensures that the results are fair and representative, facilitating a more equitable and transparent development process.

Conclusion: Empowering Individual and Organizational Success

In summary, Pro Evaluation System's 360 surveys are not only an assessment tool, but a catalyst for personal and organizational growth. By providing a comprehensive view, backed by science, these assessments are the key to unlocking the full potential of individuals and equipping companies with the information needed to thrive in an ever-evolving business world. Pro Evaluation System doesn't just offer assessments; it offers a clear path to sustainable success.

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